The Republic is Dead…Long Live the King!

The Republic is Dead…Long Live the King!

I realized as I sat down to type out this post that I’ve gotten a bit rusty.  The words are not flowing as I expect them to.  It is possible, however, that I’m simply still in shock from the naked power grab executed by the current administration with regard to immigration.  I’m not going to drone on about the intricacies of this blatant constitutional violation because there are a large number of news people, show hosts and even the president himself who have made that point and beaten that horse.  The issue here is very simple.  Our president, like many of the presidents before him, has taken it upon himself to violate the law instead of executing it and he has flaunted his usurpation of power for all to see.  For decades we have permitted our leaders at the local, state and federal level to lead us on, misinform us and generally take advantage of our civilized nature at every turn.  We have traded our responsibility for soft, hedonistic bliss and we have sacrificed all that our forefathers strove to engender in their posterity.

The sad and unvarnished truth is that while Obama has carried out this travesty it is “We the people” who have made it possible and permitted it through our ignorance of the trials and travails that must be endured to preserve our freedom and our God-given rights.  We have earned this because we failed to understand the nature of the representatives we supported and we continue to elect weak men and women with no desire to change the status quo so long as it continues to allow them to line their own pockets with the benefits of power and wealth.  We are the beneficiaries of our own short-sighted desire to focus our energy on the good life or the comfortable life at the cost of our liberty.  We trade the eternal for the temporary and in so doing prove ourselves unworthy of both the gift given to us by our ancestors and the birthright that God has bestowed upon us.  We have ceased to be the greatest nation on earth and have rather descended to the position of weakness and depravity that has marked the dying stages of all former empires.  We are little more than a dying ember of our former flame.  That flame that lit the way for millions to flee tyranny is extinguished because we would not tend it.  The light of liberty is a flickering match that only a breath may abolish as we have become consumers and beggars rather than givers and preservers of all that is right and good.

This nation has become a home of divided loyalties balkanized by our petty, selfish desires.  We are a people who have forsaken our first love and sold out our own posterity for the mere appearance of fairness and equality.  This people celebrates deviance in all of its forms.  We belabor and belittle any form of tradition or purity in favor of perversion and false compassion.  Good has become evil for our nation and evil has become the standard.  We rush to forgive the murderer or the rapist because the loud voices tell us that we must understand the plight of the hurting while we cast aside the victim of evil deeds.  Morality is relative, truth is personal and faith is in our government while our God is not welcome in our midst.

What kind of people did we truly believe would proliferate in our society when we disinvited the truth and opted for the flexible and alternative views of every aspect of life?  What did we expect from a culture that has permitted the most heinous genocide to be carried out on millions of children over the past several decades within our borders, with our approval and with our funding?  With our open disregard for life did we every actually expect our children to learn a respect for the lives of those around them?  Surely we are to blame for the evil we have unleashed in our society.  We have fostered it, nurtured it and openly praised it for decades.  We transfer each successive responsibility to the government from welfare, homeless and families in need to family planning and education and then have the temerity to stand there with looks of shock on our face when an agent of that same government begins to take more of our responsibilities from us while claiming that it is all for our own good.  We allow bureaucrats to demand the silence of our pastors on the greatest issues facing our society so they can escape paying taxes and then we are astonished when a local mayor subpoenas the sermons of pastors.

At every juncture along the way we bleat like sheep while the power brokers and their minions in public office steal our sustenance as they claim altruism.  We won’t say no because that might be considered offensive to one group or another so we’d rather just “go quietly into that good night” thank you.  We don’t have leaders who will impeach judges who overreach so they continue to do so.  Our so-called congressional leaders won’t use their legislative power to eliminate activist courts so we will continue to get activist rulings that strike down state bans on deviant behavior.  We will not elect righteous, accountable men and women to represent us because the research, work and process of holding them accountable is just too time-consuming so we will continue to be ruled by twisted, avaricious, power-hungry tyrants who have no regard for any law other than that which governs their own best interests.

This nation will fall and results of both the anarchy and the ruthless police state that ensue will be horrific beyond anything we could have imagined as Americans.  Our legacy to future generations will be proof of the words of John Philpot Curran that “the condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance”.  We have failed that trust.  We are deserving of the fate that we receive after having squandered so great a prize as that of liberty.  We will answer for having taken a nation of morality that honored God and desecrated it as a den of putrescence and virulent hatred for righteousness.  We disclaim all that is good in the name of fairness as we champion and praise all that is a blight on society.  We are seeing the fruits of our long and laborious drive toward self-gratification.  We are truly getting the government and the society we deserve.

The Republic Is DEAD!

Long Live The King!