So, You Want To Take My Rights?

So, You Want To Take My Rights?

The future of civilization is our children.  Our progeny will lead the world into a future we can only imagine as it was with our ancestors.  We pour time, money, and resources into educating, instructing, molding, and exhorting our children into adulthood so that they can go forth into life and carry on with the work ethic, principles, and values that we have passed on to them.  We strive to give them the spark of liberty and personal responsibility at the very least to ensure that they will carry on the tradition and legacy handed down to us by our forefathers.  We certainly love our children.  But something has happened on the way to the future.

While we patriots dreamed of a future that would witness our children moving the cause of liberty forward and defending the rights of the individual we seem to have overlooked the ever-present indoctrination of our youth in the schools, media, and entertainment right under our noses.  It’s not that we have ignored passing on our passion for these principles or teaching our children about them, but we have discounted the power of peer pressure and the warm, comforting embrace of group think.  The truth is that our society in general, and our children in particular have become so engrossed in the social media trends and digital interaction that they are easily swayed by the societal impulses that continually bombard them through those platforms.  Don’t think for a moment that I’m a Luddite or a proponent of “the good old days”.  I believe, however, that as with any good marketing campaign we should be striving to meet our children, and our countrymen where they are.  That being said; we are in for some serious resistance on this front and we need to address it immediately beginning with this current debate on guns and rights.

All of us should fully understand the distinctions between intelligence, knowledge and wisdom.  Just for those who may conflate these three, however, we should cover the distinctions here briefly.  Intelligence is defined as the innate “ability to acquire knowledge and skills”.  A person demonstrates a certain level of intelligence even before they have acquired any real knowledge or skill in any particular area of endeavor.  Knowledge is the body of “facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject”.  That’s pretty good so far as we can clearly see the progression from innate ability to actual understanding.  That’s all well and good but these two legs of capability and understanding will give you a very unbalanced stool that is always wont to spill its occupant on the floor.  We need the third leg and that is wisdom.  Wisdom is defined as “the soundness of an action or decision with regard to the application of experience, knowledge and good judgment”.  In other words, wisdom is the “sound application of knowledge”.  I encourage you to closely observe that it is “sound application” and not merely the “application” of knowledge that is considered wisdom.  Very well.  Let us proceed from there.

As I browse the media, peruse social media, consume alternative news sources, and interact with my fellow man these recent weeks I am struck by the ardor of the youth with regard to the issue of guns and violence in the schools and our society.  The organization of their protests and the extremely favorable media coverage they are receiving.  The media are using the emotion and passion of our children to push an old and tired agenda.  This is about nothing more than enacting gun control on any level that can be achieved.  These children are nothing more than props and dupes for the progressives to be cast aside once their usefulness has expired.  Herein lies the importance of knowledge and wisdom over the indiscriminate application of emotion and fervor.

We do not enact legislation in this country based on the emotion of children who have not only limited knowledge of the purpose for actions such as gun control but very little if any wisdom regarding the repercussions and long-term effects of such rash decisions.  Most things for children are visceral and immediate.  Young people live in the moment with little if any consideration for the outcome of the ripples they initiate in their own lives much less the lives of the hundreds of millions of people who stand to be affected by those ripples.  This is where we come in folks and God help us if we forsake our duty and fail to stand in opposition to these ill-conceived policies by instructing our youth on not only the immediate purpose of our rights but the philosophy and efficacy of the freedom and liberty that those rights defend and propagate.

These things are not possible merely with force and coercion.  It is incumbent on us as the leaders of our nation to engage in dialogue with the currently misguided souls and never surrender the high ground of our heritage.  We must further find our voice and control as we take back our schools, our churches, our communities, our culture, and ultimately our nation from the forces of socialism, relativism, and despair that have wrestled the raising of future generations away from us.  We cannot take even one simple task for granted in the revitalization of our republic.  Every position of oversight and action in every community from the ground up must be reviewed for efficacy and either taken back under the control of a patriot or eradicated from our public sector for the damage it can and will do.  Education must be under control of the parents and the local community and we must teach our children the values and principles of freedom and liberty along with the lessons of success and achievement that our enemies have worked so hard and so long to abolish.  This is not an easy task.  This will not be a clean and simple task.  What we are about is standing our ground and rooting out the rot and desecration that has seated itself in the bowels and organs of our republic.  Our nation is sick, and our children are suffering for it.  Our criminal justice system is ailing, and our people suffer because of it.  We allow agents of hatred and anger to divide the races instead of uniting our brethren of all races into one nation under God.  We are not, at this moment, “indivisible” but rather we are balkanized and weakened by those who would see us placed permanently in a bondage that serves their purpose.  They are using our children against us and they are using our sense of fair play to cow us.  I say to you black or white; Christian, Jew, atheist or other; Asian, Indian, Native or immigrant that if we do not stand together and fight for the rights and freedoms that have made us free together then we will most assuredly huddle together as one under the yoke of tyranny and oppression in the years to come.  No nation is insulated and safe from tyranny so long as the hearts of mankind remain full of avarice and greed.  We must free our children from the bonds that poison their hearts and minds and then we must root out the agents of our destruction from communities and government.

We must be the patriots that our forefathers intended us to be.  We must surrender our identity as white, black, Christian, Jew, Asian, European, or whatever identifier we cling to that keeps us from remembering that it was our unity as Americans that made us the sword that cut the chords that bound us to Great Britain.  We are the most powerful nation on the earth and in the history of mankind if we simply come together as Americans and say to our public officials that “We The People” are primary and you are our servants.  You are empowered by us for our security and betterment.  You are beholden to us and answerable to us for any action you take in the service of this nation.  We must do this in adherence to our constitution and the ideals of our Declaration of Independence.  We must be willing to fight without ceasing and, ultimately, we must be willing as a people to pledge “our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor” to this cause.  We must stand shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters of all colors and creeds as we say to those who seek to control us that you may not have our rights for we will resist all attempts to enslave us.  Rather we will take back the ideals and control of our republic for ourselves and our posterity.  We must demand and actively strive for openness and honesty in our leaders.  We must have transparency in our government.  We must accept no government function that exceeds the mandates of the constitution.  Lastly, we must all accept personal responsibility for our lives and our families.  We must reserve our charity for the truly disadvantaged among us.  If you are able you must work.  If you are able you must contribute.  You must be forthright, responsible, and willing to adhere to the principles and values that make us Americans.  We must all remember that our nation defeated slavery, rebuked division and despite the presence of bad people in our midst we continue to champion the rights of every individual in our society.  We must cease to identify as myriad special groups to attain some government mandated privilege.  We must be and be content each of us to be Americans with all the privilege, heritage, freedom, and honor that title confers.  We are all Americans my friend; we must remember that and cast aside those who would divide us.

So, you want to take my rights.  I say come and get them.  I will await you alongside my brothers and sisters.  We are Americans and we do not back down!