Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform

Every year in our nation and particularly when we approach any election cycle the drums begin to beat for reform of our “broken” immigration system. Politicians show up at microphones much like moths at your porch light on a warm summer evening.  This process has become predictable enough that we can almost make it a normal process of the seasons.  The game is kicked off each season by the Democrat elitists as they decry the “unfair treatment” of “undocumented workers” being forced to “live in the shadows” without the ability to fully partake of and contribute to the American system.  These supposedly well meaning elitists ridicule our citizens for their selfishness and lay the guilt on pretty heavy as they endeavor to show us the evil of our ways and convince us to grant amnesty to  anywhere from 12 to 30 million undocumented workers that are here in our country at any given time.  They tell us that it’s about compassion, humanity, American values and the best of our country’s heritage and traditions.  They drone on endlessly regarding how important it is to the future of our nation that we make these highly motivated, freedom loving folks an integral part of our communities.  Ultimately, they tell us, it’s all for our own good and for the good of the nation as a whole.  We must do this to survive.


Now shortly after the push begins on the part of our progressive friends on the left we get a heavy dose of opposition to these plans from our progressive friends on the right side of the aisle.  They pontificate and bloviate with tremendous stamina all in an effort to register their very principled opposition to this plan of amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants who are only being brought here to increase the voting numbers of the progressives on the left.  They take this very principled stance until the poll numbers supposedly show that a majority of goodhearted, well-meaning Americans simply can’t find it in their hearts to be mean spirited and shallow enough anymore to deny freedom and opportunity to our Southern neighbors.  At this point the fun really begins as we see the slow, inexorable march to the union of these two, supposedly irreconcilable sides.

The right side progressives supposedly come to the conclusion that they must support amnesty or they will no longer be able to muster a voting majority for the remainder of recorded history.  They are filled with dread that the aforementioned illegal immigrants (whom they now begin to accept as undocumented workers so as not to offend them) might be angry with them and see them as bigots unworthy of their vote.  To this end they set about convincing the uniformed masses of their party that this simply must be permitted to transpire so we can avoid upsetting these 12 to 30 million potential voters who are all so much more hardworking than us lazy Americans and have such great family values and strong moral structures that they can help us to save our sinking civilization.

No the fun truly begins when actual hardworking, principled Americans like myself start standing up and speaking a wee bit of truth in the face of the onslaught of lies and misrepresentations that we are deluged with by the political elites on both sides of the aisle.  So let’s begin with the semantics of this whole mess shall we.  These people are not undocumented workers, dreamers, well meaning freedom magicians or some sort of cure for what is making our country sick.  No matter how you look at it these people are “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS” who chose to cross our border in contravention of our immigration laws, reside here without legal status or permission and “STEAL” jobs from American citizens by doing said jobs for less than desirable wage levels.  The politicians who are supporting amnesty and legalization for these people are all elitist progressives who are concerned only with their own power and ability to continue controlling the population of this nation.  They are willing to sacrifice the cultural identity, heritage and moral character of this nation in order to do so.  The business owners who tell us they must have these workers in order to harvest their crops, run their hotels, watch their children, clean their homes or populate their production lines are telling us that because they want to keep their wages low and their profit margins up.  The simple truth is that the immigrants are illegal, the politicians are unprincipled tyrants and the business leaders are both immoral and unethical.  On top of that all of them are simply liars and thieves who could give a damn less about what is right, what is wrong and what is actually good for America or her people.

The wonderful “undocumented” illegal immigrants join groups like La Raza (meaning “The Race”) and spend all of their non-working time telling Americans that they should give California and the Southwest back to Mexico.  These people attend rallies at schools where they hoist the Mexican flag on our soil and proceed to tell us that we owe them something.  They come here and have babies so they can claim U.S. citizenship and then spend their time collecting welfare benefits and convincing the power gluttons in politics to grant them free college tuition for their offspring paid out of the taxes you and I pay while we go into debt up to our eyeballs to send our kids to college.  In all of this nobody ever musters the will the ask why these well-meaning, freedom loving leeches can’t get what they need at home in Mexico.  Nobody dares to ask that question because the progressives will march out into the limelight via CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS et al and roundly criticize us for not being aware that it has been our insatiable hunger as a nation for illegal drugs and our strange fascination with guns in this country that have destroyed Mexico and we owe them something for that.  This, of course, forces me to ponder the amazing assertion that millions of illegal workers in our nation who suckle at the teat of the welfare system, consume our healthcare, affect the efficiency of our schools by burdening communities with non-English speaking students who refuse to assimilate to our culture and whose parents struggle to destroy our national identity are actually good for our nation but the simple act of our owning guns has contributed to the destruction of theirs.  Is anyone actually buying this crap?

I for one have had more than enough of this totally destructive nonsense.  This nation has never been afraid of immigrants and we’re not afraid of them now.  The simple truth, however, is that we must have immigrants who not only want to come here for the economic and life changing opportunities but who are eager to actually become Americans and assimilate into our culture.  We do not need more balkanization of our nation because of the admittance of groups who desire that we as Americans change our culture to accommodate their delicate sensibilities and make them comfortable.   We sure as hell don’t need to adopt any more of the cultural views of nations and peoples who left homes that sucked so bad they had to leave them to have any actual opportunity.  How on God’s green earth does that make sense to anyone.  If Mexico, Venezuela, Pakistan, India, China or any of a hundred other little hell holes are so freaking wonderful then why are their people coming here to make a freaking living.  Why does everyone need our manufacturing at slave wage rates in order to employ all of their starving people.  If America is such an evil God forsaken place then why does everyone want a piece of us.  Quite frankly I’m sick and tired of hearing about how we owe everybody something and all of the other countries are so much better, so much more environmentally conscious, better health care, better people, better government.  Perhaps we should send all of the freaking illegal immigrants to Sweden.  I hear they have spectacular health care.  Whatever we do though stop telling me that you think we should accommodate the border crossing, law breaking, La Raza Loving leeches here.

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