Elitist Contradictions


There is nothing more entertaining than watching the elitists twist themselves happily into pretzels as they propagate all of their lies.  I’ve been thinking about these contradictions and it occurred to me that it might be both beneficial and entertaining if I began to catalog all of them in a single place for easy cross reference.  So let us begin.










  1. Sexual behavior
    • The government should stay out of our bedrooms with regard to sexual behavior
      • The government should be in our bedrooms with contraception to support sexual behavior
  2. Abortion
    • The government should keep its hands off a woman’s body and stay out of her womb…it’s a woman’s right to choose.
      • The government should put their hands on a woman’s body when they fund the doctor who’s providing her with the abortion that murders her unborn child
  3. Evolution
    • Man evolved over billions of years via a series of advantageous mutations from proteins in sludge to
      our present day form

      • We don’t have a single fossil record from one species to another. There is no smooth transition for
        a single end result species
      • Despite the evolution of man from apes we still have apes.  Oh…that’s right we have a common ancestor that evolved via “favorable” mutations to both man and ape.  This is rich.
      • This slow evolution process doesn’t seem to match the Cambrian Explosion.  This caused a shift to speaking about evolution in terms of long periods of internal mutations that lead ultimately to very swift “jumps” in species forms.  For example you might have this pile of sludge that suddenly, after many millions of years spontaneously formed into a some other life form.  The amazing thing is that these “great scientists” call us crackpots for believing that an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent God spoke the universe into existence and created man from the dust of the earth.  Of course chemical spontaneously erupting into life is much more believable.
      • Along with our missing smooth evolutionary record we have archaeological digs clearly showing man and
        dinosaurs in contemporary strata.  Once again this is an item you’ll find scientists rather touchy on.  They do not wish to discuss facts that don’t fit into their model.  Sounds a bit like climate change.
  4. Climate Change (man-caused global warming)
    • Back in the 80’s the liberals were screaming about CFC’s and how they were destroying the ozone layer which was going to scorch the earth and kill us all.
      • The bastards banned CFC’s and despite that the ozone hole continued to exist.
      • Oddly enough after all of the hysteria they created settled down it was discovered or more appropriately it was publicized very quietly that the ozone hole was naturally occurring.
      • The whole sordid mess was based off of erroneous information regarding a cyclical, naturally occurring phenomenon.
      • The truth, however, is that it was just another opportunity for the big government progressives to gain more control over our lives.
    • Despite years of hysterical pontificating regarding the disastrous expectations of man-caused global warming we now see record cold temperatures and tremendous snow storms.
    • Oddly enough the same alarmists were trying to sell global cooling in the 70’s
    • Now they claim that it is actually “warming” that is causing all of this cooling.  These people are desperate.
    • The climate change crowd simply refuses to admit that their plans for global wealth redistribution and control of all people are at the heart of the climate change hysteria.  This is the core of their claims that anyone who doesn’t buy their tripe hook, line and sinker is an evil, hatemonger.