Lion of Truth

Let Truth Defend Itself.

My friends, we are going to have fun with this particular topic.   It is possible that this has become the single most bastardized issue in the entire culture.  We made it that way through either our action or our indifference but we all have contributed to the debacle of Immorality.  I will hazard a guess that a fair percentage of you don’t even have a firm grasp on what “Morality” is.  That is precisely the problem and more so the idea that everyone seems to want their own personal definition for the concept. 

Let us take a stab at the concept of morality and the propagation of immorality in our society.

Morality might be loosely defined as being predisposed to doing what is right or virtuous.  Immorality would be the opposite of this predisposition with ammorality being the absence of morality or holding no particular moral view at all.  Don’t even sputter that the world and civilizations have always been party to immoral behaviors or that what is moral for me may not be for you.  This is known as moral relativism and it is pure nonsense.  As I have pointed out in other of my commentaries a civilization simply must have a base line of rules and values in order to survive.  The outgrowth of moral relativism is the all consuming fire of anarchy.  This has been tried over and over again with no beneficial outcome other than man’s realization that he needed order and society to achieve his own goals and dreams.

So, why should one person be held to the morality of another just because society says so.  Well, let’s look at the idea of sex.  I think we can all agree that it would be wrong for a man to force himself on a woman against her wishes, an act we call rape.  This is evil and it is wrong in any context.  If we allow that man, however, to apply moral relativism to his situation he could easily say that what we deem wrong or “immoral” is not how he sees things, thus it is not wrong for him to do this.   Any human who is intellectually honest must admit that this is ridiculous in the extreme and we cannot as a society simply suspend law or morality because an individual disagrees with it.  It is a well established fact that the majority of our laws are based on “moral” and/or “Christian” principles.  We must then consider the fact that “rape” is universally evil.  There should be no middle ground on this issue and it applies to so much more than mere sexual content.  Anytime an individual in society takes something from another that is not his/hers to take, this act is a violation of our moral code.  Where we have fallen on this issue is with regard to social behaviors and the poison that permeates our civilization as a result of their acceptance.  With incidents of crime such as rape, murder or robbery we easily see the detriment to society.   Still, we make excuses for these behaviors depending on the perpetrators social standing, familial status or mental state.  With social acts such as pre-marital sex, pornography, homosexuality, drinking, excess and other issues we rationalize these acts.   We have turned these issues into political debates between right-wing zealots and left-wing fanatics.  “Don’t force your moral view of the universe on me” is the cry from the left.  Did anyone ever stop to think that what is moral simply is what it is and that those who support this view support an existing view rather than foisting their own creation off on the rest of the world.

Yes, all of these examples of “immorality” have existed for millennia and will exist long after we are dust.  The problem arises from the fact that these things were not always widely accepted.  As a matter of fact, in every society where they have become popularly accepted the society has failed; rotted from the inside out by it’s own poisoned soul.  We’re on the way there so don’t laugh.

We are so afraid of offending others that we are willing to allow the downfall of our society.  We have come to the point where we will excuse murder if the individual fits some preconceived notion of what persecuted or mistreated is.  We call pornography a victimless crime while it slowly denigrates our women and steals the soul of our men.   Various groups have even gone so far as to proclaim that pedophilia is a perfectly acceptable practice for those who see it as a natural part of their sick, twisted existence. 

There is Right and Wrong in this world whether we accept it or not.  The only grays are those we have created ourselves with our lack of conviction and forsaken ideals.  Murder is wrong whether it is racially motivated, sexually motivated or simply some grotesque pastime for one of this world’s demented serial killers.  Hatred is wrong no matter who perpetrates it, but the expression of opinions is not hatred in and of itself.  Personally I favor free speech that permits me to both identify and keep track of the haters by allowing them to speak and express themselves.  For our society to deny something is immoral does not make it moral or just.  An immoral act is immoral because of it’s nature and the damage it does to the individual and to the society.  While it is true that you cannot, ultimately legislate morality it is also true that the effort of relativists and atheists to dissuade society from moral behavior does not eliminate the truth that morality is a necessary underpinning for a successful society.  Civilization cannot survive if everyone simply undertakes what they like because it is pleasing.  If it is incumbent on our society to accept the expression of views for one group then we must accept the expression of views for all groups.  If we only accept the views of the popular groups then we are not possessed of free speech for popular speech is always accepted in all societies.  The heart of a free society is the simple truth that we must be permitted to work at persuading our fellow citizens to the view(s) we hold.  This is the spread of morality when we are permitted to participate in the give and take of views wherein each man must choose what is true, right and just.  In this way society makes its rules and holds its views based on the makeup of the people.  To do less is censorship and oppression.  Our problem today is that we have accepted the expression of views from one group while we permitted that group to call for the oppression of views from any opposing group.  This is the core of tyranny and the beginning of the end.  Open your eyes my friends for we are not propagating justice and freedom; we are destroying liberty in the false name of equality.  There can be no true equality in this state of being unless it be the equality of oppression and suffering perpetrated by the state on all.

We long for freedom but through our oppression we are fostering and nurturing the hate filled, tyrannical government we deserve in the end.